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Croneal Consulting Group Launches Web Portal LobbyistResources.com

WASHINGTON, D.C., -- May 12, 2008 -- Lobbyists and their employers now have industry specific resources available at their disposal thanks to a new Web portal, LobbyistResources.com, recently launched by Croneal Consulting Group.

LobbyistResources.com debuted on May 9th and provides the following free and subscription-based tools to visitors surfing its site:

The site also incorporates a database development center allowing visitors to order legislative and regulatory databases or pitch a proposal to have a related database developed for their specific needs. Two databases currently being offered on the site are the legislative tracking database and the lobbyist tracking database. The legislative tracking database allows users to track and generate reports on laws by status. The lobbyist tracking database allows users to track the timeliness in which lobbyists submit filings to state ethics agencies. It also tracks fines by lobbyists and allows users to e-mail a pending lobbyist filings report to in-house staff, accompanied by a pending filing attachment.

"Nowhere on the Web can you find a site like LobbyistResources.com that blends in one central source low-priced subscription-based compliance-type material, database development services, and free state and federal lobbying tools," said Alexis Scott, product development manager for Croneal Consulting Group. "LobbyistResources.com has been in the works for several years and we're excited about its recent debut and potential to be a top "hang-out" spot for lobbyists and their employers."

Due to its focus on lobbying, LobbyistResources.com also promises to be a top revenue generator for advertisers interested in appealing to a particular demographic. The site allows advertisers to purchase banner ads in pre-selected spots on the company's Web site for as little as $150/month or full-page ads for as much as $1,500/month.

LobbyistResources.com is a flagship product of Croneal Consulting Group and is located at the following Web site, http://www.lobbyistresources.com.

For more information about LobbyistResources.com or Croneal Consulting Group, contact Customer Service at customerservice@cronealconsultinggroup.com or visit http://www.lobbyistresources.com.

About Croneal Consulting Group

Although Croneal Consulting Group was founded several years ago, it was actually launched in 2008 and is an Internet-based information resource that provides research services, database development services, and industry-specific Web portals to members of the regulatory, legal, and government communities.