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Croneal Consulting Group Launches

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- December 10, 2008 -- Croneal Consulting Group has designed a new technology solution for the insurance industry that efficiently organizes and tracks compliance material released by state insurance regulators.

The information and research services firm recently launched, a Web portal that tracks insurance bulletins issued by all 50 of the state insurance departments. The portal allows subscribers to access daily, weekly, or monthly reports of insurance bulletins released by each state insurance department. In addition, if a company needs to determine what bulletins a state insurance department released several years back they may do so by accessing a state bulletin index. Croneal currently offers cumulative indices of bulletins for three years, the latest dating back to 2006.

"When we designed, we thought about efficiency," said Alexis Scott, product development manager for Croneal Consulting Group. "Reports available through our portal allow the industry to eliminate the administrative task of surfing multiple Web sites or waiting on insurance bulletins from state regulators by mail."

While subscribers may access state bulletin reports by signing onto the company's password-restricted site, Scott added that subscribers may also sign up for e-mail alerts using the portal's "Manage My E-mail Alerts" tool. E-mail subscribers are sent reports daily in an HTML format. Reports will not be e-mailed if a state has not released any bulletins for a given day.

Scott noted that is "basically an alert tracking system." "We don't summarize material issued by state regulators nor do we scan and retype state material," she said. "We simply compile and sort the material in reports that subscribers can access via a link to the state's Web site. This method eliminates the possibility of errors associated with scanning and cleaning up of bulletins and ensures that our subscribers are getting the official or unaltered text from the state."

A subscription to starts at $240/year, or $20/month. Individuals may obtain two-day and one-week Web passes to samples of state insurance bulletin reports for $5 and $25, respectively, before purchasing a one-year subscription at this link,

About Croneal Consulting Group

Croneal Consulting Group is an information and research services firm that provides database development services and Web portals beneficial to members of the legal, regulatory, and government communities. The firm counts as its flagship product,, a Web portal for employers and their lobbyists, that is fast becoming a top hang-out spot for employers and lobbyists who access centralized state and federal resources to help them stay in compliance with the law.