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Croneal Consulting Group Releases Web Tutorial on

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- February 23, 2009 -- Croneal Consulting Group has posted a Web tutorial on its portal,, to educate the insurance industry about the benefits of a subscription., which was developed in 2006, is a central repository of insurance bulletins issued by all 51 of the state insurance departments. Subscribers are able to access more than 200 reports dating back to 2006 that track bulletins by state and issue date.

As visitors watch the Web tutorial on, they will be schooled on the benefits of subscribing and the implications of not subscribing, such as the possibility of administrative sanctions by state insurance departments.

To view the Web tutorial, visit this address,, where you will be prompted to complete a short registration form. 

A full one-year subscription to costs $240/year, while two-day and one-week Web passes cost $5 and $25, respectively. Visitors interested in purchasing either option may do so at this address,

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Croneal Consulting Group is an information and research services firm that provides database development services and Web portals beneficial to members of the legal, regulatory, and government communities. The firm counts as its flagship product,, a Web portal for employers and their lobbyists, that is fast becoming a top hang-out spot for employers and lobbyists who access centralized state and federal resources to help them stay in compliance with the law.