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Croneal Consulting Group Launches Campaign Finance, Lobbying Newsletter

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- October 19, 2009 -- Croneal Consulting Group has launched a free electronic newsletter to help industry professionals keep track of campaign finance and lobbying developments.

The newsletter is actually a spin off of the information and research firm's lobbying reports which track and report on campaign finance and lobbying laws and regulations enacted and adopted by 51 jurisdictions. The newsletter debuted on August 7, 2009 and provides a briefing every Friday of laws and regulations on campaign finance and lobbying.

To sign up for a free subscription to the newsletter, visit or A free sample of the newsletter may be requested at this site, too.

About Croneal Consulting Group

Croneal Consulting Group is an information and research services firm that provides database development services and Web portals beneficial to members of the legal, regulatory, and government communities. The firm counts as its flagship product,, a Web portal for employers and their lobbyists, that is fast becoming a top hang-out spot for employers and lobbyists who access centralized state and federal resources to help them stay in compliance with the law.