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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Croneal Consulting Group do?

Croneal Consulting Group is an information resource that provides custom research services, compliance monitoring services, and industry portals beneficial to professional staff members in the government, legal, and regulatory compliance industries. We also provide database development services using Microsoft® Access®.

What does Croneal Consulting Group not do?

We do not practice law and do not provide legal advice. If you have legal questions, please consult a licensed attorney or counsel within your corporate legal department.

What is the Database Development Service Center?

Croneal Consulting Group provides database development services in Microsoft® Access® to persons or companies who are interested in having legislative or regulatory databases developed. If you are interested in having a database developed, submit your request using our Database Proposal Form located
here. You may also review our current offerings. Our prices are reasonable and we have a fast turnaround.

Can you tell me more about your Custom Research Services Center?

We offer research services on just about any topic. Submit your request here and we'll notify you if we can or cannot do the research.

Remember, too, any jurisdictional surveys we produce on your behalf should be used only as an initial resource for doing legal research and should not be relied on for any business decisions.

What is is a Web portal designed for lobbyists and their employers. The site is your one-stop shop for access to compliance bulletin alerts reporting on lobbying laws and regulations enacted by the legislature and adopted by various state ethics agencies. This portal contains events and job databases as well as state and federal drop-down menus of lobbying forms, statutes, and legislative and executive contacts.

Is there a charge for Web access to

Currently, no. However, there is a charge for access to Lobbying Reports, our bill/regulation tracking system for lobbying and campaign finance laws/regulations. Individual or company subscriptions are available for the low fee of 585/year -- that's just $48.75/month. Web-hosted subscriptions that integrate your company's logo are also available.

How frequently is your Web site updated?

Our Web site is updated daily.

What makes better than your competitors?

Our Web portal,, differs in that it is essentially a one of a kind service that no one else is currently offering. focuses on one thing that many larger scale companies simply do not have the time to do. As a full member of our Web portal, you will gain unlimited access to lobbying laws and adopted regulations that you need to know about to comply with various reporting requirements. Remember: Ignorance of the law is not an excuse for noncompliance. Also, as a subscriber to our lobbying law and regulation alert services, you get an index or report of every lobbying law and regulation enacted and adopted by day, week, month, and year. You also have access to lobbying-related jobs or events and other related state and federal resources. eliminates the need to surf multiple sites for lobbying-related information.

Do you have data feed options for your legal and regulation databases and what's the price?

In the near future, you will be able to purchase an Excel spreadsheet file of our lobbying law and regulation databases that can be imported into a Microsoft® Access® database. Pricing for this data feed option is in development and will be announced at a later time.

Can I purchase source code or a Web file of your legal and regulation databases and use it on my company's Web site or Intranet, and what is the price for this option?

We are currently developing these additional services and will post a notice on our Web site when they become available.

What is the coverage period of your Lobbyist Law and Lobbyist Regulation databases?

Currently, the coverage period for our database is 2008 and later. If you need to locate a law or regulation enacted or adopted earlier than 2008, submit a research request using our Custom Research Services link.

How can I obtain a copy of a law or regulation that is older than what you currently have on your Web site and is there a charge?

If you cannot find the information on your own, you may submit a research request using our Custom Research Services link and we will notify you within one business day if we are able to provide the law or regulation. And yes, you will also be notified of applicable charges, which are nominal per page.

How do I subscribe to

You may complete the online subscription form expressing an interest in subscribing and you will be given a confirmation notice with a username and password giving you unlimited access to our Web site.

What's your contact information?

Our mailing address is Croneal Consulting Group, P.O. Box 805948, Chicago, Illinois 60680. Our e-mail address is You may also call us at 312-502-4087.

What are acceptable payment methods?

All payments are processed electronically via a secure payment service provided by our third-party vendor, PayPal. We also have the ability to e-mail electronic invoices. You should note that there will be a delay in the release of our services until after your payment posts.

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