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Legislative Tracking Database
A Web Demonstration

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Click the video to watch a free demonstration of the "Legislative Tracking Database," which is used by government relations staff to track bills from their prefiled state to their enactment state. After you view the quick demo of the database, we're convinced you'll see the benefits of purchasing the tool to effectively manage legislation you and your organization care about. After watching the video, click the green chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of the site to ask questions.

Who Should Watch

  • General counsels
  • Lobbyists
  • Staff attorneys
  • State government relations staff
  • Legal assistants/paralegals
  • Regulatory compliance staff 

Questions Answered

With this database, you will be able to answer the following questions: (1) The type and number of bills that were prefiled, introduced, presented to the governor, vetoed, died, placed into committee, and enacted? (2) The type and number of bills your company supported, opposed, or remained neutral on? (3) The type and the number of bills that were priority ones for the company?


The database includes 10 reports: (1) Bill Status Report; (2) Position Report; (3) Priority Bill Report; (4) Enacted Bill Index; (5) Prefiled Bill Index; (6) Introduced Bill Index; (7) Bills in Committee Index; (8) Dead Bill Index; (9) To Governor Index; and (10) Vetoed Bill Index. All of the reports include a count function that counts bills and laws by status and month.

Cost to download: $5,500 | Click here to purchase.

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